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Early Release
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Community Schools’ elementary programs. Afterschool enrichment opportunities include special activities and classes for students on early release days. Afterschool classes and camps extend into the later afternoon hours to broaden lifelong learning options for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Special programs through Community Schools serve as avenues for learning new skills and experiencing meaningful activities during school vacations and weekends.

Enrichment Classes
First Quarter Registration opensTuesday, August 1 at 8:30am.

Early Release Wednesdays

Art Naturally: Working Wild       Grades: 1-5       Fee:$229

What do you want to be when you grow up? A zookeeper? A Park Ranger? An oceanographer? This class will explore the many different ways you can work with wildlife. Each week we will create an art project based on these wild careers!

Capoeira Mandinga: Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts     Grades: 1-5      Fee $169

Learn the flowing, beautiful Afro-Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira with Capoeira Mandinga Tucson. Students will learn kicks, escapes, and fluid moves that build mind and body strength, flexibility, and agility. Students also learn music that drives the energy of the Capoeira game. Capoeira increases balance, creativity, and confidence. Teachers Anne Pollack and Aidan Miller-Wells were honored with a 2019 Southwest Folklife Alliance Award. Aidan has trained in capoeira over 12 years. Anne is the only master of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian arts in the State of Arizona.

Crazy Critters   Grades: K-5    Fee: $130       NOTE: STARTS 8/16

Get up close with and learn all about a new group of animals this quarter when Tucson Petting Zoo brings tortoises, rabbits, birds, bugs, oh my! Take part in crafts and activities related to learning about these fascinating creatures!

Drama Kids: Creative Drama    Grades: K-5    Fee $137

Students will develop public speaking and leadership skills, while building confidence, and learning how to think quickly, creatively, and appropriately. All of this is done through our fun and energetic theater based curriculum. Students will participate in various activities including scene building, creative movement, short plays, and theater games. There are never any auditions and ALL students have the chance to shine!

PlayWell: Adventures in STEM using Lego Materials    Grades: K-3     Fee:$189

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects and use special pieces to create your own unique designs! Projects are rotated seasonally to ensure that both new and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system.

TGA Floor Hockey    Grades:K-5      Fee: $234 (grades will be split K-2, 3-5)

Take your best shot and discover how fun and exciting playing floor hockey can be with TGA! This modified version of ice hockey can be played in regular shoes on virtually any hard surface with a small ball and hockey sticks.

TGA Golf    Grades:K-3      Fee: $234 

Tee it up this fall with Teach, Grow, Achieve (TGA), a national after-school sports enrichment program. TGA's five-level program brings the golf course to you. Have fun learning the techniques of golf! Great for beginners as well as experienced golfers.

Yo - Yo's    Grades: 2-5    Fee: $143

Come and learn hand eye coordination with Build a Skill Yoyo! Students will build their own yo-yo’s, learn tricks and more. Instructor, Jess Gracia, has been teaching yoyo skills to large groups of students for over 15+ years. Students will be taking home two different yo-yos in this class.

Young Rembrandts    Grades: K-2   Fee: $240

Young Rembrandts use an innovative step-by-step method to teach students basic to advanced drawing skills, coloring techniques and art vocabulary. In addition, our students will create colorful characters with expressive personalities that jump off the page. Students will also learn to create and build their very own comic book about their created characters. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to produce wonderful artwork, storytelling, and bookbinding technique! Young Rembrandts provides all the necessary supplies for each class.

After School Classes 3:00 - 4:30 unless noted


Chess: Instructional    Grades: K-5     Fee: $108

No prior experience is needed. Chess has been proven to enhance academic achievement and is a skill that will last a lifetime. Instructor, Ken Larsen, is a competitive chess player and instructor.

Chess: Tournament   Grades: K-5     Fee: $108

For the chess player who is interested in building skills in tournament play. Students build strategy and play games. Opportunities for optional weekend tournaments. Taught by instructor Ken Larsen.

Lego Build-a-Rama    Grades: 3-5    Fee: $105

Legos are the building blocks of imagination! If you have a love for architecture, building, design, or engineering, consider joining. Over the course of the week be prepared for tests of strength, speed, design, artistic capability, and teamwork. Campers will have to work together in order to make larger-than-life designs. Are you up to the challenge of becoming a Lego master? Taught by Mr. Jude

FIRST Lego League Preview    Grades: 4-5    3:00-5:30pm    August 15 and 22

Students in Grades 4 through 8 (ages 9-14) who are interested in being on an FLL team must attend a 2-session FLL PREVIEW CLASS.  The Preview Class gives students the opportunity to try the team engineering, programming and research activities before committing to the full season, which runs through the regional robotics competition in early December and into January for teams selected for the state competition.  FLL takes commitment, enthusiasm, focus and persistence in problem-solving, and willingness to learn and work with others on team goals. 


KidStage presents: "Silver"     Grades: 2-5      Fee: $200

Just as Wicked is to The Wizard of the OZ so is Silver to Treasure Island. Long John Silver wasn’t always a notorious pirate. There was a time, back in pirate school, when he was just a one legged outcast struggling to make friends and find his way. It is here that he meets the spunky and confident pirate queen Captain J. Flint and starts the hunt for the legendary treasure of the text-loving Oracle. Through helping his friend and a steady rivalry with the ruthless Captain Smollett, Silver soon finds himself on the path that will eventually lead him to the Hispaniola and Treasure Island. The script includes many elements of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story but it takes pirates into the 21st century and proves that there really are two sides to every story. Performance will be on October 3rd at 4:45 PM.

KidzArt    Grades: K-5  1 hour class, 3:00-4:00pm   Fee: $193

A KidzArt certified instructor will guide students through a different project each week. Students will learn how to break projects into simple steps, art terms and vocabulary, as well as, experience and learn techniques for varying drawing mediums. Each week students will bring home a different masterpiece all their own. Our curriculum never repeats!​​​​​​​

Lacrosse    Grades: 3-5    Fee: $85

Come learn to play the sport of lacrosse, the fastest growing sport in America. No experience or equipment is necessary. Boys and girls will have fun building confidence and having success by combining lessons with activities and non-contact games. Students will learn stick skills like proper grip and cradling, catching and throwing, dodging and shooting. Instructor Justin Cluck is a USA Lacrosse level 1 certified boys and girls coach who serves as coach of the local K to 8 lacrosse program, the Tucson Bandits.


Lucky Cat Social Art: Leather    Grades: K-5    Fee: $257

Lucky Cat Social Art presents a variety to crafts and art projects using reclaimed leather to include accessories and collage. Each week we will build on the week before from beginning projects to intermediate.

TGA Tennis    Grades: K-2    Fee: $264

Serve it up and discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA! Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, forehand, backhand, volley and serve.


Luna Paper Designs: Paper Mache Character Paint    Grades: 3-5    Fee: $257

In this class your child will develop their painting abilities with papier mache animals and other fun objects with nontoxic acrylic paint. This class will help your child learn how to use different sizes of brushes and mix different fun colors together. Step by step and with easy instructions each student will paint their characters with acrylic paint of their choice. During the class all children will wear aprons and their supply will be ready for them to complete their art.

Webby Dance Class   Grades: K-3   Fee: $236

Dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of tap, jazz, and hip hop while building body awareness and self-confidence! Our classes will build on basic jazz fundamentals using individual instruction, weekly strengthening exercises, across the floor techniques and choreographed routines. Music selections include age-appropriate hip hop, 50's, calypso & much more! Each week our instructors bring new thematic class plans with engaging props.



NSF checks: A $25 bank processing fee will be assesed for any returned checks.

Elementary Policies

Late Registration Fee Policy: There will be a $15 late registration fee for any registration received after the registration deadline.

  • If you register the day that classes start, your student will not be able to attend class until the following week.
  • If you register the week that classes begin, contact your Community Schools Program Coordinator at your school to confirm your registration.

Wait Lists: If a class you wanted to register for is FULL, please make sure you add the “Waitlist” class to your cart to ensure you are contacted if a spot becomes available. All waiting list requests are dated, time-stamped, and entered accordingly.

Refund Refunds/Changes:
When dropping out of activities after the first class, you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given after the 2nd day of class. There will be a $10 change fee for any class changes. No refunds if we remove your student from a class.

Procedure for Removing a Child from the Program: Our Community Schools philosophy is to provide children with safe, optimum learning opportunities. Our expectations for behavior are based on appropriate developmental levels and, when necessary, may culminate in removal of a student from a program.

Sign-Out Policy: To ensure the safety of the children in our program, it is mandatory that children be picked up in their classrooms and signed out by a parent following Community Schools classes. Exceptions: Children returning to CARE or going to another Community Schools class. A late pick-up fee of $2.00 per minute will be assessed for any student who is not picked up within five minutes after the end of their class.

Fees for Classes, Athletics, Outdoor Adventures and Field Trips
All fees are due at the time of enrollment, prior to the start of the program. Contact Community Schools for information on payment plans or fee reductions. Fee reductions may be available based on combined family income.