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Early Release
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Community Schools’ elementary programs. Afterschool enrichment opportunities include special activities and classes for students on early release days. Afterschool classes and camps extend into the later afternoon hours to broaden lifelong learning options for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Special programs through Community Schools serve as avenues for learning new skills and experiencing meaningful activities during school vacations and weekends.

Enrichment Classes
Third Quarter Registration opens Wednesday, December 13 at 8:30am.

No Classes on 1/15, 1/17, 2/14, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23, 3/13, 3/15

Early Release Wednesdays

Capoeira Mandinga: Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts     Grades: 1-5      Fee $126

Learn Capoeira, a unique flowing, beautiful, dance-like Afro-Brazilian martial art, with Capoeira Mandinga Tucson. Learn kicks, escapes, and cool moves that build mind and body strength, flexibility, and agility. Students will also learn percussion rhythms and songs (in Portuguese) that drive the energy of the Capoeira game. Capoeira increases balance, creative problem solving, and confidence. Instructors: Mestra Luar do Sertão is the highest level Capoeira master in Arizona. Monitor Pinga Fogo has trained Capoeira for over 15 years.

Code Ninja: Code Your Own Arcade     Grades: 3-5    Fee: $239

Students will create retro-style arcade games with Microsoft Make Code Arcade. Throughout the class, students combine the power of coding with game design to enhance their programming skills and develop games inspired by classic platformers, adventure games, and more! At the end of the class, they will bring their games to life on handheld gaming devices to play and share with friends.

Crazy Critters   Grades: K-5    Fee: $112       

Join our exciting after-school program where every week brings a new adventure with a diverse lineup of animals, from capybaras and porcupines to turtles and more! Your child will explore the animal kingdom through engaging activities, informative lessons, and hands-on interactions in a fun and educational environment

Fun with Flight      Grades: 2-5    Fee: $188

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in hands-on activities that will take you to new heights! Students will have the opportunity to build their very own flying objects, including kites, tumble wings, gliders, and other exciting contraptions. Engage in the excitement of the building process and witness your creations take flight! Join Bob Ray of Why Things Fly for a fun, fascinating foray into the world of flight. Let's fuel the spark of curiosity and inspire the next generation of aviators and engineers! 

TGA - Floor Hockey    Grades: 1-3      Fee: $176

Take your best shot and discover how fun and exciting playing floor hockey can be with TGA! This modified version of ice hockey can be played in regular shoes on virtually any hard surface with a small ball and hockey sticks.

TGA Golf    Grades: K-5      Fee: $176 

Tee it up with Teach, Grow, Achieve (TGA), a national after-school sports enrichment program. TGA's five-level program brings the golf course to you. Have fun learning the techniques of golf! Great for beginners as well as experienced golfers.

TGA Volleyball    Grades: 3-5      Fee: $176 

Serve it up with volleyball class and discover how fun and exciting volleyball can be with TGA! Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of passing, setting, serving, spiking, and blocking.

Webby Dance: Dance/Gymnastic/Yoga     Grades: K-2     Fee: $236

This quarter, we will introduce each child to the fundamentals of dance, gymnastics & yoga! While exploring a new theme each week, our combination classes offer a wide variety of skills. End of quarter performances will be held for families!

Yo - Yo's    Grades: 2-5    Fee: $143

Come and learn hand eye coordination with Build a Skill Yoyo! Students will build their own yo-yo’s, learn tricks and more. Instructor, Jess Gracia, has been teaching yoyo skills to large groups of students for over 15+ years. Students will be taking home two different yo-yos in this class.

Young Rembrandts: Elementary and Cartoon Drawing    Grades: K-2   Fee: $180

This winter, Young Rembrandts artists are in for a treat with a lineup of ALL NEW drawing lessons. From a vibrant pop art dog to fascinating art history and a powerful unicorn, there's so much to learn and love. We prioritize proper technique and excellent color selection in every lesson. Your child will not only enhance their skills but also have a blast personalizing cool drawings like soccer players, and robots. Waste no time and enroll your child today to unleash their artistic potential!

After School Classes 3:00 - 4:30 unless noted


Chess: Instructional    Grades: K-5     Fee: $117     3:00-4:00pm

No prior experience is needed. Chess has been proven to enhance academic achievement and is a skill that will last a lifetime. Instructor, Ken Larsen, is a competitive chess player and instructor.

Chess: Tournament   Grades: K-5     Fee: $117     4:00-5:00pm

For the chess player who is interested in building skills in tournament play. Students build strategy and play games. Opportunities for optional weekend tournaments. Taught by instructor Ken Larsen.

TGA Tennis    Grades: K-5    Fee: $264

Serve it up and discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA! Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, forehand, backhand, volley and serve.


KidStage presents: "Harriet Potter & the Broom Closet of Wonder"     Grades: 2-5      Fee: $220

In the second installment of this beloved series, all our favorite characters are back at Pigwarts for more adventure, more magic and more hilarious parody.Someone is making mischief at school and once again Harriet finds herself at the center of it all. With the help ofher best friends Don and Hermonica, Harriet must solve the mystery of the legendary Broom Closet of Wonder before it's too late. Join in this wonderful adventure where friendship proves to be the greatest magic of all.

Soccer Shots     Grades: K-2 / 3-5     Fee: $286

Soccer Shots is an engaging program helping children on and off the soccer field learning character development skills along with the fundamentals of the game. Enjoy fun games and scrimmages to end each class!


TGA Cheer    Grades: K-2    Fee: $264

Discover how fun and exciting cheerleading canbe! Coaches will lead students through drill and activities to build their skills in tumbling,stunting, choreography, motions, jumps and performance. Students will also partake in labs to explore concepts like gravity, balance and aerodynamics in cheerleading.

Learning Chemistry form Comic Books    Grades: 3-5    Fee: $112

We are revolutionizing the way students engage with chemistry by combining education and entertainment!From captivating chemistry comics to engaging audiobooks, hands-on activities, mind-bending puzzles, and exciting games, this program is designed to build molecular literacy in a fun and interactive way. Comechallenge your mind, connect with fellow chemistry enthusiasts and join the creator and founder of Kids' Chemical Solutions, Colleen Kelley, as she shares her love of the world of discovery, research and her comics books with your student!


Drama Kids: Creative Drama    Grades: K-3     Fee $138

Calling all young actors in grades K-3 to join us on this fantastic ride where storytelling comes to life. Led by experienced educators, this enchanting class will transport your child into a realm of make-believe, where they'll discover the magic of acting, build confidence, and make friends through imaginative play and collaborative activities. Through laughter and learning,our Drama Kids Adventure promises to ignite young minds, nurture budding talents, and create lifelong memories.

Lucky Cat Art Social:Polymer Clay     Grades: 2-5     Fee: $229


Unleash your creativity as you learn how to make colorful Polymer Clay Mini Figurines! In this fun class, your student will make miniature food, little cute animals and pop culture characters. They will even create their own imaginative mini figurine. Each class, we will learn a technique or about a new material and apply it by making a step by step mini clay project.


NSF checks: A $25 bank processing fee will be assesed for any returned checks.

Elementary Policies

Late Registration Fee Policy: There will be a $15 late registration fee for any registration received after the registration deadline.

  • If you register the day that classes start, your student will not be able to attend class until the following week.
  • If you register the week that classes begin, contact your Community Schools Program Coordinator at your school to confirm your registration.

Wait Lists: If a class you wanted to register for is FULL, please make sure you add the “Waitlist” class to your cart to ensure you are contacted if a spot becomes available. All waiting list requests are dated, time-stamped, and entered accordingly.

Refund Refunds/Changes:
When dropping out of activities after the first class, you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given after the 2nd day of class. There will be a $10 change fee for any class changes. No refunds if we remove your student from a class.

Procedure for Removing a Child from the Program: Our Community Schools philosophy is to provide children with safe, optimum learning opportunities. Our expectations for behavior are based on appropriate developmental levels and, when necessary, may culminate in removal of a student from a program.

Sign-Out Policy: To ensure the safety of the children in our program, it is mandatory that children be picked up in their classrooms and signed out by a parent following Community Schools classes. Exceptions: Children returning to CARE or going to another Community Schools class. A late pick-up fee of $2.00 per minute will be assessed for any student who is not picked up within five minutes after the end of their class.

Fees for Classes, Athletics, Outdoor Adventures and Field Trips
All fees are due at the time of enrollment, prior to the start of the program. Contact Community Schools for information on payment plans or fee reductions. Fee reductions may be available based on combined family income.