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Quarter 4 Enrollment begins Friday, March 8 at 8:30am.

Community Schools’ elementary programs. Afterschool enrichment opportunities include special activities and classes for students on early release days. Afterschool classes and camps extend into the later afternoon hours to broaden lifelong learning options for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Special programs through Community Schools serve as avenues for learning new skills and experiencing meaningful activities during school vacations and weekends.

Early Release Thursdays Quarter 4


Art Naturally: Paws and Claws     Grades: K-5    Fee: $229

Come explore the captivating realm of animal art! Students will gain a deeper understanding of the natural world and the significance of safeguarding it. They'll have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, expressing their individual ideas while honing their artistic talents in a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere.

Capoeira     Grades: 1-5    Fee: $169

Discover the art of Capoeira with Capoeira Mandinga Tucson—an Afro-Brazilian martial art that seamlessly blends dance-like movements with martial prowess. Dive into a world of kicks, escapes, and captivating maneuvers that not only enhance physical strength, flexibility, and agility but also cultivate mental fortitude. Immerse yourself in the rhythm and energy of Capoeira as you learn percussion beats and songs in Portuguese.

Code Ninjas: 3D Design and Print   Grades: 3-5    Fee: $286

Students will explore 3D modeling and printing using Tinkercad. They will code their own custom models, including working bubble wands, keychains, and more! Along the way, they will learn tips, techniques, and best practices for exciting explorations in 3D modeling and printing.

Rockin' Robots     Grades: 2-5    Fee: $257

Rocketry returns! Join Mr. Bob from Why Things Fly as he guides you to new heights with an iconic Estes model rocket, crafted and launched by your own hands. Embark on this thrilling journey into the world of model rocketry, with multiple launches planned in the weeks ahead. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to soar high!     

TGA Flag Football    Grades: K-5     Fee:$234

Get ready to kick off the fun with TGA's modified version of America's favorite game! We've put a unique spin on it to make it even more enjoyable and exciting for everyone involved. Join us for a thrilling experience that combines skill, strategy, and plenty of action. Let's hit the field and make unforgettable memories together with TGA!

Webby Dance: Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga    Grades: K-3    Fee: $236

Wrap up the school year with a burst of excitement and energy! Come join us for a dynamic fusion class combining dance, gymnastics, and yoga. Get ready to ignite your passion for movement and wellness! Parents are invited to join us for an end of quarter performance; details to come soon!


After School Classes 3:00 - 4:30 unless noted


Ceramic Sculptures    Grades: 3-5   Fee: $246

Embark on a journey into the world of pottery where each day brings a new adventure in sculpting, crafting, and firing clay. From honing fine motor skills to igniting imaginations, students will delve into a variety of projects including whimsical sculptures, personalized name plates, functional dishware, and beyond. Join us at the end for an Art Walk showcasing the creativity of our students!

PlayWell: Animal Adventures     Grades: K-5      Fee: $206  

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with tens of thousands of LEGO parts at your fingertips! Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey inspired by the wonders of the animal kingdom. From leaping dolphins to buzzing beehives and towering giraffes, let your imagination soar as you play, create, and learn.

Young Rembrandts: Elementary Cartoon Drawing      Grades: K-2    Fee: $

This winter, Young Rembrandts artists are in for a treat with a lineup of ALL NEW drawing lessons. From a vibrant pop art dog to fascinating art history and a powerful unicorn, there's so much to learn and love. We prioritize proper technique and excellent color selection in every lesson. Your child will not only enhance their skills but also have a blast personalizing cool drawings like soccer players, and robots. Waste no time and enroll your child today to unleash their artistic potential!


Chess: Instructional    Grades: K-5     cont. To sign up and become a part of the game, please call Camille Warner at (520) 209-7944.        Semester Class, Ends May 17

No prior experience is needed. Chess has been proven to enhance academic achievement and is a skill that will last a lifetime. Instructor, Ken Larsen, is a competitive chess player and instructor.

Chess: Tournament   Grades: K-5    cont. To sign up and become a part of the game, please call Camille Warner at (520) 209-7944.      Semester Class, Ends May 17 

For the chess player who is interested in building skills in tournament play. Students build strategy and play games. Opportunities for optional weekend tournaments. Taught by instructor Ken Larsen.

TGA Golf     Grades: K-5    Fee: $234

Swing into action this fall with Teach, Grow, Achieve (TGA). Our innovative five-level curriculum delivers the excitement of the golf course directly to you. Discover the joy of learning golf techniques in a fun and engaging environment! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, TGA offers something for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the world of golf!


TGA Cheer     Grades: K-5      Fee: $234

Uncover the thrill and excitement of cheerleading like never before! Our experienced coaches will guide students through a series of dynamic drills and activities designed to enhance their skills in tumbling, stunting, choreography, motions, jumps, and performance.

Soccer Shots    Grades: K-2 / 3-5     Fee: $229

Soccer Shots offers an interactive soccer program designed to foster character development and instill fundamental skills in children. From mastering the basics of the game to engaging in friendly scrimmages. To celebrate our participants' achievements, we host an award ceremony at each campus during the final week of classes. Join us for a journey of growth, fun, and soccer camaraderie!


Code Ninjas: Junior Adventure in Game Design     Grades: K-2      Fee $286    

Embark on a journey into the world of coding with our engaging class designed to lay a solid foundation in basic coding concepts. Through interactive coding games like hide-and-seek, a simple clicker game, and maze challenges. Ninjas will unleash their creativity by remixing games into their own unique creations, mastering the art of designing backgrounds, characters, and more.

Works By Watson: Robot Clash 2     Grades: 3-5      $274

Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity by designing and building unique robot prototypes. With hands-on guidance, participants will learn the intricacies of constructing robot structures and customizing mechanical actions. A highlight of the course is the thrilling robot battles, where students can put their creations to the test and see which designs wins!


NSF checks: A $25 bank processing fee will be assesed for any returned checks.

Elementary Policies

Late Registration Fee Policy: There will be a $15 late registration fee for any registration received after the registration deadline.

  • If you register the day that classes start, your student will not be able to attend class until the following week.
  • If you register the week that classes begin, contact your Community Schools Program Coordinator at your school to confirm your registration.

Wait Lists: If a class you wanted to register for is FULL, please make sure you add the “Waitlist” class to your cart to ensure you are contacted if a spot becomes available. All waiting list requests are dated, time-stamped, and entered accordingly.

Refund Refunds/Changes:
When dropping out of activities after the first class, you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given after the 2nd day of class. There will be a $10 change fee for any class changes. No refunds if we remove your student from a class.

Procedure for Removing a Child from the Program: Our Community Schools philosophy is to provide children with safe, optimum learning opportunities. Our expectations for behavior are based on appropriate developmental levels and, when necessary, may culminate in removal of a student from a program.

Sign-Out Policy: To ensure the safety of the children in our program, it is mandatory that children be picked up in their classrooms and signed out by a parent following Community Schools classes. Exceptions: Children returning to CARE or going to another Community Schools class. A late pick-up fee of $2.00 per minute will be assessed for any student who is not picked up within five minutes after the end of their class.

Fees for Classes, Athletics, Outdoor Adventures and Field Trips

All fees are due at the time of enrollment, prior to the start of the program. Contact Community Schools for information on payment plans or fee reductions. Fee reductions may be available based on combined family income.