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Educational Extension Programs
In coordination with the District’s commitment to learning in and for the 21st Century, Community Schools offers programs that expand and give more opportunities for students to practice these skills. The Educational Extension Division works to enhance the use of existing resources by developing partnerships between our schools and community.


The Community Schools C.A.R.E. (Children’s Activity and Recreation Environment) Program was named the Best School Age Childcare program in Arizona in 2004. Open to all children enrolled in CFSD elementary schools, C.A.R.E. provides a secure, supervised learning and playing experience that will enhance the quality of the time a child spends away from parents and the school classroom. With small student to staff ratios, dedicated classrooms and buildings, and trained staff, our C.A.R.E. program successfully provides a place for students to develop a strong sense of belonging to an afterschool community. For many children C.A.R.E. becomes their neighborhood where relationships are formed and creative play abounds.


Valley View Early Learning Center

One of our most successful partnerships serves our district's youngest learners, our preschool-aged children. All of our classroom teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education and our curriculum is child-centered, developmentally-appropriate and aligned with Arizona Early Childhood Standards.
In partnership with our CFSD Special Education Department, Community Schools has developed a model inclusion program to serve young learners with special needs. We believe young children with special needs learn best in an inclusion setting where typically-developing children can model and interact with them.
Valley View Early Learning Center is a place where young children learn and play and celebrate the joys of every day as they develop a love for learning, that will last throughout their lives.

Recognizing the need of our families, especially our working parents, to have a safe and productive place for their children after school, Community Schools works in partnerships with our elementary sites to offer a variety of activities. Early Release and after-school time is an opportunity for students to enhance and expand skills and learning through such activities as chess, Robotics,  martial arts, dance, art and physical activity classes.  Special Programs, usually scheduled on weekends and school holidays, offer students unique opportunities to explore a variety of activities and learn how to develop new skills.

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Middle School
Meeting the needs of our middle school students can sometimes be a challenge. We are proud to say that nearly half of our middle school students choose to be engaged in our after-school Extended Day Programs. The unique developmental needs of middle school students directs a focus of programming at this level. The after school extended day program meets their need to explore a variety of activities. Creative exploration in the arts, outdoor education and culture. Through intramural and interscholastic sports students learn how to experience healthy competition as well as valuable team experience. As they look for a place to belong, these programs offer a positive, safe and social alternative to many other options. As these young adolescents search for a sense of identity, our middle school staff who teach in these programs, provide positive role models and guidance in an out of school time environment.
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High School
At the high school level, the Extended Day Program focus centers on activities that enhance lifelong learning skills to promote participation, interaction, competition and service to others. Such opportunities as driver’s education, intramural tennis, and SAT preparation classes are just a few.
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Summer Program
Our summer program serves students preschool-aged through 11th grade with a wide range of learning opportunities. The summer provides Community Schools the opportunity to create new experiences for students both on site in our district and off site in the community at large. Students can volunteer in the community, enjoy outdoor activities, learn how to develop and build skills, practice teamwork and build lasting relationships.
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Outdoor Adventure Program
Community Schools Outdoors offers a wide variety of outdoor adventure programming for students of all ages. We offer day trips, weekend trips, overnight excursions and week-long adventures during the school year, holiday breaks and summer camps. We provide challenges that expand horizons and enhance the lives of youth through wilderness education and outdoor exploration. Our nature-based education can be geared towards meeting a wide variety of national or state academic standards. The Outdoor Adventure Program promotes and instils a healthy self-awareness and self-confidence, pushing one’s limits and learning respect for others and the environment.
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The Foothills Phil
Our intergenerational orchestra fulfills our district’s desire to have an orchestral experience for our high school students. With one of our Community’s best, Lazlo Veres, as conductor, students play side by side with experienced musicians, learning to play and perform at a professional level. The Foothills Phil brings together musicians of all ages for the purpose of sharing their love and enthusiasm for music as well as promoting goodwill and understanding between generations, schools and the community.

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