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Fourth Quarter Enrichment Classes 

Classes are held March 14 - May 20

Registration Opens Thursday, March 3 at 8:30am 


Early Release Classes Wednesdays 1:30-3:00    9 weeks
3/16, 30, April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18


Capoeira Mandinga          Grades 1-5     Fee: $190                       

Learn the flowing, beautiful Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira with Capoeira Mandinga Tucson. Students will learn kicks, escapes, and fluid moves that build mind and body strength, flexibility, and agility. Students also learn music that drives the energy of the Capoeira game. Capoeira increases balance, creativity, and confidence. Teachers Anne Pollack and Aidan Miller-Wells were honored with a 2019 Southwest Folklife Alliance Award. Aidan has trained capoeira over 12 years. Anne is the only master of Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian arts in the State of Arizona.

Crazy Critters                    Grades K-5                               Fee: $167

Meet and learn about different animals each week including goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, capybaras, porcupines, patagonian maras, reptiles and more! We will do a craft and/or fun worksheets related to those animals and then have hands on with them.

PlayWell - Pokémon Engineering using LEGO® Materials            Grades K-2/3-5         Fee:$193

Calling all Pokémon trainers! With the Pokémon Championship approaching, join our enthusiastic Play-Well Instructors as we build and catch our favorite Pokémon, rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket, take a ride on the S.S. Anne to uncover rare and mystic Pokémon, and battle to see who will hold the title of Pokémon Master. Come along on our journey to catch 'em all!

Skyhawk - MiniHawk   Grades 3-5    Fee: $225

This multi-sport program was developed to give children a positive first step into athletics. The essentials of flag football, track and field and soccer are taught in a safe, structured environment with lots of encouragement and a big focus on fun. Our Mini-Hawk games and activities were designed to allow campers to explore balance, movement, hand/eye coordination, and skill development at their own pace. Skyhawks staff are trained to handle the specific needs of young athletes.

TGA Golf              Grades: K-5     Fee: $264

Tee it up with Teach, Grow, Achieve (TGA), a national after-school sports enrichment program. TGA's five-level program brings the golf course to you. Have fun learning the techniques of golf! Great for beginners as well as experienced golfers.

YoYos & Skill Games            Grades: 2-5       Fee: $130

Join Mr. Jess as he teaches the art of yo-yo and other skill toys including Jacks and Marbles! First time students will receive their very own high-quality Proyo yo-yo that they will build. They will also learn all safety and maintenance related information as well as some pretty cool yo-yo tricks! Returning students will receive another more advanced yo-yo for each quarter they return.
Hope to see yo' soon!

Young Rembrandts: Cartoon Drawing   1:30-2:30pm (Note ending time)   Grades K-5 Fee: $180

Join us for fun and active learning! Learn the technical skills of drawing, the basis of all visual arts, in a fun and nurturing setting. Young Rembrandts innovative step-by-step teaching method,combined with a bountiful selection of drawings, introduces our students to the foundation of art. Each class is designed to teach not only basic to advanced drawing skills, but also art techniques, vocabulary, and art history. Young Rembrandts provides all the necessary supplies for each class.

After School 3:00-4:30pm unless noted

Art Naturally:Natural Wonders of the World - Thursdays   Grades 1-5           Fee: $257

We will explore and create some of the exciting wonders in nature. Discover the Great Barrier Reef and the Redwood forests.  Recreate the Aurora Borealis in all its amazing colors and the intensity of mighty volcanoes. Art lessons feature many different materials, including clay, watercolors, mixed media, pastels and acrylic paints.

Color Me Mine - Tuesdays     Grades: K-5     Fee: $250

Every week the students will experience working with wood, ceramic and clay using both acrylic and water-based paints building on what they have learned the previous week to continue to improve their artistic skills.

Dramatic Exploration with Drama Kids - Tuesdays     Grades: K-5    Fee: $154

Students will harness the power of their imaginations as they explore many facets of drama, including improv, scene building, storytelling, and creative movement. They will develop valuable skills like collaboration, public speaking, self-confidence, and the ability to think quickly and creatively; that will help them both on and off the stage.

KidStage presents TANGLED- Thursdays     Grades: 2-5       Fee: $200

Rapunzel, locked away by her mother, longs to see the outside world. One day the mysterious Flynn appears in her life and she gets that chance.  What will her life become as she faces ruffians, palace guards and solves a kingdom-wide mystery?  Join Rapunzel and Flynn on a hilarious adventure that teaches us to follow our dreams no matter what!

KidzArt - Mondays         Grades K-5 (3:00 - 4:00pm)     Fee: $193

A KidzArt certified instructor that will guide students through a different project each week. Students will learn how to break projects into simple steps, art terms and vocabulary, as well as experience and learn techniques for varying drawing mediums. Each week students will bring home a different masterpiece all their own. Our curriculum never repeats!

TGA Cheer - Mondays       Grades : K-2/3-5     Fee: $264

Discover how fun and exciting cheerleading can be! Coaches will lead students through drill and activities to build their skills in tumbling, stunting, choreography, motions, jumps and performance. Students will also partake in labs to explore concepts like gravity, balance and aerodynamics in cheerleading.

TGA Tennis - Mondays      Grades: K-5      Fee: $264

Serve it up with tennis class and discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA! Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, forehand, backhand, volley, and serve.

Young Rembrandts: Anime - Tuesdays    Grades 3-5 (3:00 - 4:00)      Fee: $193

Students will create dazzling illustrations that are influenced by popular Japanese anime and manga themes. Colorful characters with expressive personalities jump off the page. Students will also learn to create a storyboard around their characters. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to produce wonderful artwork and storytelling! Young Rembrandts provides all the necessary supplies for each class.


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