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Catalina Foothills School District’s commitment to 21st Century Learning continues after school with Community Schools’ elementary programs. Afterschool enrichment opportunities include special activities and classes for students on early release days. Afterschool classes and camps extend into the later afternoon hours to broaden lifelong learning options for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Special programs through Community Schools serve as avenues for learning new skills and experiencing meaningful activities during school vacations and weekends.





Fourth Quarter Enrichment Classes

Classes will begin March 20 and end May 19 

Registration Opens Monday, March 6 at 8:30 am.

Site Lead: Janelle Gary-Sanchez (520) 209-7752


Monday Early Release  1:30-3:00, unless noted. 8 weeks

March 20, April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15

No school March 27-31 (Spring Break)

Chess - 1:30-2:35*        Grades K-5         Fee: $96

Open to all ability levels, no prior experience necessary. Students build strategy and play games. Opportunities for optional weekend tournaments. Ken Larsen, an instructor for over 30 years and a competitive chess player, has led CFSD students to victories at local, state and national tournaments. *Note ending time

A - Zoo       Grades: 3-5         Fee: $243

Geckos, lizards, and frogs, OH MY! We will learn all about the characteristics of reptiles and amphibians and what makes these animals unique in our hands on class. Yes, you will get to hold some of them! We will talk about warm and cold blooded animals, invertebrates and vertebrates, skin types, and so much more!  Investigate their habitats, diets, and how to care for them at home.  Turn your fear of snakes into "snakes are fascinating " as you discover how some of these animals can make excellent pets!

Code Ninjas                             Grades 3-5     Fee: $286 

Instead of just playing games, how would you like to code your own? Learn how to build games using the characters you love and the coding skills you will gain throughout the class. You even get to choose your own themes and worlds.

Cooking with Ms. Jean   Grades: 3-5        $144

In this class, students take a more hands-on approach investigating what ingredients to use and why! We will learn new cooking techniques and how to use new measuring instruments while learning basic math techniques and building broader language skills in cuisine. Of course, while always being safe in the kitchen! This class will focus on unique foods worldwide, from Asia, South America, and Europe. 

Webby Dance Co. : Elementary Dance                                Grades: 3-4     Fee: $236

Dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of tap, jazz, and hip hop while building body awareness and self-confidence! Our classes will build on basic jazz fundamentals using individual instruction, weekly strengthening exercises, across the floor techniques and choreographed routines. Music selections include age-appropriate hip hop, 50's, calypso & much more! Each week our instructors bring new thematic class plans with engaging props.

After School Classes 3:00 - 4:30 unless noted

No classes: March 27-31 (Spring Break)


Cooking with Ms. Jean       Grades K-2              Fee: $144

Students will learn to use fun kitchen gadgets like an instant pot, waffle iron, indoor grill and air fryer to create creatively delicious food! They will then add their newly learned recipes to cookbooks so they can show off their new skills at home.

PlayWell - Animal Architects      Grades: K-3               Fee:  $189

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts as we design and build leaping dolphins, buzzing beehives, and towering giraffes. Play, create, and learn in a world inspired by the animal kingdom. Design and build as never before and explore your craziest ideas.

TGA Tennis       Grades K-5          Fee: $234

Serve it up and discover how fun and exciting tennis can be with TGA! Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of grip, forehand, backhand, volley and serve..


TGA Golf       Grades K-5          Fee: $234

Tee it up  with Teach, Grow, Achieve (TGA), a national after-school sports enrichment program. TGA's five-level program brings the golf course to you. Have fun learning the techniques of golf! Great for beginners as well as experienced golfers.

Works by Watson       Grades 3-5      Fee: $257

Who wants a fun & educational perspective on technology and machines? Our professional instructor, Nicole Watson, has a degree in auto & diesel technologies and will show students how technology has influenced machines over the years, what goes into their upkeep, and help students create a custom-built machine to take home. This hands-on learning and visual experience is designed to accommodate all learning styles.

Volleyball       Grades 3-5      Fee: $109

Volleyball is popular sport that takes energy, team building, and excitement, and putting it all together. Miss Bree will help students grasp the basics of the game through drills, fun games and exercises that focus on passing, hitting, and serving. Come and spike some fun!


Art Naturally: Gone, But Not Forgotten               Grades: K-5      Fee: $229

Let's explore some of the most extraordinary animals that once inhabited the earth. The saber-toothed tiger, megalodon, and dodo bird will be some of the animals we will be creating using a variety of art supplies and techniques. Each week we will focus on a different animal from another time.

TGA Cheer       Grades K-5          Fee: $234

Discover how fun and exciting cheerleading can be! Coaches will lead students through drill and activities to build their skills in tumbling, stunting, choreography, motions, jumps and performance. Students will also partake in labs to explore concepts like gravity, balance and aerodynamics in cheerleading.


Ideal Artist: Drawing People              Grades 3-5              Fee $297

Learn how to draw the human figure. Discover ways to simplify the figure in order to create different poses and actions. Learn about proportions and some human anatomy.  We will draw, and to assist us, we will also be sculpting “Maquettes”.

Volleyball              Grades K-2              Fee $109

Volleyball is popular sport that takes energy, team building, and excitement, and putting it all together. Miss Bree will help students grasp the basics of the game through drills, fun games and exercises that focus on passing, hitting, and serving. Come and spike some fun!

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