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Kindergarten Plus

1) Will the state provide funding for full day Kindergarten?

For the 2023-2024 school year (and foreseeable future), we know that the state has decided to fund ½ day Kindergarten only for all public schools. Therefore, a full-day option will not be funded by the state for school year 2023-2024.

2) How will curriculum be modified to fit the half-day schedule and still achieve CFSD benchmarks?

The curriculum will remain the same, just with less time devoted to each content area. The Kindergarten Plus program will provide opportunities for more in-depth learning to take place, as well as time to practice skills and concepts.

3) Will my child get specials in the "regular" Kindergarten program?

Every Kindergarten student will receive specials according to the master schedule created by the site principals.

4) Do we get to choose morning or afternoon Kindergarten?

Site principals will balance student enrollments (both open enrollment and in-district) when placing students in kindergarten classes similar to previous years when CFSD operated half-day Kindergarten programs. Bus routes and schedules will also play an important role when deciding kindergarten placements.

5) How was the cost of the Kindergarten Plus program determined?

The Kindergarten Plus program will be staffed with a certified teacher and 1-2 classroom aides. Kindergarten Plus will provide the opportunity for your child to further explore, practice, and extend key elements in the CFSD Kindergarten curriculum. Your tuition will also include an hour for supervised lunch (students bring their own) and playground time. Your child will have access to the district's technology in the classroom, as well as access to the school library.

6) Why can’t we just have CARE operate at this time? Wouldn’t that be much cheaper?

For School Year 2023-2024, CARE for four hours a day for a month would cost approximately $460-$575. That program would be structured as a childcare program, without a certified teacher. We believe that having certified teachers supplementing the CFSD Kindergarten curriculum provides a better structured learning environment, and at a more affordable cost each month.

7) I don’t think I’m going to be able to afford Kindergarten Plus, but could I pay a nominal fee to have my child stay through lunch for the social interaction and help me out in terms of picking them up/dropping them off?

At this time we will not be able to accommodate this request. Staffing the lunch hour will be a challenge depending on the numbers of children that enroll in morning and afternoon programs.

8) Is there any chance there could be a cost cut across the board if we guarantee a minimum enrollment in Kindergarten Plus?

We must commit to paying each staff member’s salary. This option could jeopardize the security of these positions. There are other variables that could affect the guarantee of minimum enrollment, including but not limited to parents choosing to withdraw during the school year.

9) Why do we have to pay for full day Kindergarten when other districts are providing it free?

All school districts have a variety of funding streams available. The main funding stream is dollars per student from the state of Arizona. The state provides funding to all districts for a half-day of Kindergarten. Other funding streams exist depending on socioeconomic status, grants received, etc... Several surrounding districts have chosen to take additional funds they have available (that CFSD does not receive) and lump them into providing a free Kindergarten program.

10) Do I get to pick the teacher my child gets since I'm paying this much money?

No. Principals will take suggestions, but no promises are made about which teacher your student will have.

11) If enrolled in Spanish or Mandarin Immersion and Kindergarten Plus, will there be a Kinder Plus for Spanish or Mandarin Immersion students separate from regular Kindergarten students?

During the half-day kindergarten program, 100% of the core instruction (Language Arts/Chinese or Spanish literacy skills, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health) is taught in Chinese or Spanish. All special area classes (Art, Music, PE) are taught in English. There will not be a Kinder Plus for Spanish or Chinese Immersion students separate from non-immersion Kindergarten students.

12) Does a student have to be enrolled in Kindergarten Plus in order to be in the immersion program?


13) Kindergarten Plus tuition is eligible for the Arizona State income tax credit as allowed by A.R.S. 43-1089.01,  (up to $400 for joint filers, per semester in both Semester 1 and Semester 2). Please contact your tax advisor for more information. This tuition must be paid through the Community Schools office. It can not be paid through the district tax credit site.


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