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About K+

Registration for the Kinder Plus Program for School Year 2022-2023 will open the morning after the Town Hall meetings for each school at 8:30am. 

Registration site:

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   Spanish Immersion Program in CFSD       



Chinese Immersion Program in CFSD


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Catalina Foothills Community Schools will be offering an optional half-day, fee-based program, Kindergarten Plus, to complement the district’s half-day Kindergarten program on all elementary campuses. This program will meet the needs of families and children by providing a full day curriculum experience taught by a state certified Early Childhood teacher. Children enrolled in Kindergarten Plus will be provided a curriculum aligned with the Catalina Foothills Envision 21: Deep Learning Kindergarten standards and extended time for science experimentation, reading instruction and practice, as well as time to enhance skills such as problem solving, social interactions and technology applications.


General Kindergarten Plus Information

Kindergarten Plus is a "first come, first serve" program within the registration time frames below. There are no guaranteed spots but the district will do its best to accommodate as many families as possible.

  •   In-District Families’ Kindergarten Plus applications will be considered first** when submitted for each individual school with the onset of the first Kinder Town Hall Meeting
  • **In district families registering for Kindergarten Plus by open enrolling to another school within Catalina Foothills School District will have their Kindergarten Plus applications processed in the first 5 business day period, only if open enrolling to a Spanish or Chinese Immersion program or if an English program is desired, but not made available at the home school. If Open Enrolling to a non-immersion program, Kindergarten Plus applications will be queued with all other Open Enrollment Kindergarten Plus applications.
  • Open Enrollment Families’ Kindergarten Plus applications may be submitted during the same 5-business day window as In-District families. These applications will be time/date stamped and queued at each school until the 5-business day window has expired. After such time Open Enrolled families' applications will be considered for placement.
  • All Kindergarten Plus applications received after the school’s 5-day window expires will be processed in the order received, regardless of in-district or open enrollment status.
  •  2022-2023 tuition for Kindergarten Plus will be $3150 for the year.
  •  In the 2022-2023 school year, all monthly payments are due by the 7th of each month, beginning with Payment #2 due by September 7, 2022.  You will need to login to your registration monthly to make your payments. An email will be sent to remind you of the upcoming payment due. Any payments after the last day of the month will be assessed a $25 late fee.

  •  Tuition discounts based on financial need (maximum 10% discount) may be available. Contact the Community Schools office for a fee-reduction application form and a list of accompanying documentation required upon submission.
  • Kindergarten Plus tuition is eligible for the Arizona State income tax credit as allowed by A.R.S. 43-1089, (up to $400 for joint filers, per semester in both Semester 1 and Semester 2). Please contact your tax advisor for more information. This tax credit may be claimed up to 3 calendar years: -Pay in calendar year 2021, claim when filing in 2021. -Pay in calendar year 2022, claim when filing in 2022. -Pay in calendar year 2023, claim when filing in 2023.
  • Extended Day CARE will be available at an additional hourly charge before school from 7:00am-8:00am and after school from 3:00pm-6:00pm. There is a $75 registration fee for the CARE program as well and you will need to register for this seperately. Registration for the CARE Program will open in February. For more information about this optional program, please call 209-7550 or visit the CARE website,
  • This K+ program is intended to be delivered in person. However, in the instance of school closure, curriculum delivery may be moved online. If so, K+ tuition will remain the same. Payments made or tax credits deposited will not be refunded if families choose to withdrawal from the program.


To Register for Kinder Plus:

•Create a Community Schools Account (if you already do not have one):

•After logging in, select the Kindergarten Plus program and select "New 2022-2023 Registration", you will be directed to creating an Information Card, submit, a registration is created, pick your school location and add to cart.

•Pay the $75 registration fee and first month’s tuition, prior to logging out. Failure to complete this      payment will release the spot in your shopping cart.

• Open Enrolled families may reserve a spot in K+ prior to Open Enrollment acceptance.

• All registration fees and tuition payments are non-refundable, unless an Open Enrolled family is  denied the opportunity to attend their school.

• Spaces may not be reserved for K+ at multiple schools…select the first-choice school.



The following are highlights of the K+ program:

Classes will be staffed with a state certified Early Childhood Teacher and classroom assistant.

Curriculum will be aligned with the Catalina Foothills Envision 21: Deep Learning Kindergarten standards and will provide extended time for children to develop and practice the skills and knowledge to be successful learners in the Catalina Foothills School District schools.

Kindergarten Plus children will have access to their elementary school library, computers and playgrounds.

The optional, tuition-based, half-day session (Kindergarten Plus) will complement the half-day Kindergarten session offered by the district (funded by the state).

Kindergarten Schedule

Half-Day Kindergarten Sessions A.M.Session - 8:00am-11:00am P.M.Session 12:00pm-3:00pm

Kindergarten Plus Sessions P.M.Session - 12:00pm–3:00pm A.M.Session 8:00am–11:00am

Lunch - 11:00am – 12:00pm (only for children enrolled in both sessions)

We are committed to high standards of excellence in all our school district programs and know that children that are enrolled in our Kindergarten programs experience a high degree of success as they enter our first grade classes. By enrolling your child in our Kindergarten programs, you will be taking the first step for your child’s successful educational journey in Catalina Foothills School District.

The Kindergarten Plus Program strives to complement the learning experience young children have in their school kindergarten classroom. The following is an example of a unit that Kindergarten Plus may explore and how this unit enforces the standards and benchmarks that are the focus of the kindergarten classroom teaching and learning.

Sample Unit of Study - Dental Hygiene

Kindergarten Benchmarks

Read text for a variety of purposes, understand that print conveys meaning.

Use listening skills, make contributions in a class discussion, identify health behaviors important to personal well-being.

Continue to understand that learning can come from careful observation and simple experiments. Share observations and comparisons.

Practice skills in recording data using tallies and numbers.

Understand calendar in days, weeks and months. Learn about the work that people do in the community.

Continue to learn how to use a variety of methods to report information.

Know how to use art materials in a safe and responsible manner, know that different media and techniques are used to communicate ideas.

Participate in basic rhythmic activities. Understand that physical activity is necessary to build good physical fitness

Sample Activities Large Group Activities

Story Time
Read The Tooth Book

Circle Time
Introduce dental unit activities

Small Group Activities

Experiment with egg in vinegar

Chart tooth loss of students

Social Studies
Role play – “What does a dentist do?”

Create an original “toothy tale”

Paint, draw and collect pictures to create a collage of foods promoting the development of healthy teeth.

Dance to Raffi music song “Brush Your Teeth”

We look forward to having you join our programs and schools. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of us.


Travis Kolter, Director CFSD Community Schools 520-209-7551

Robert Henikman, Principal Canyon View School 520-209-7700

Kim Boling, Principal Manzanita School 520-209-7800

Andrea Davidson, Principal Sunrise Drive School 520-209-7900

Judi Dauman, Principal Ventana Vista School 520-209-8000


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