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Catalina Foothills School District’s commitment to 21st Century Learning continues after school with Community Schools’ elementary programs.

Afterschool enrichment opportunities include special activities and classes for students on early release days. Afterschool classes and camps extend into the later afternoon hours to broaden lifelong learning options for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Special programs through Community Schools serve as avenues for learning new skills and experiencing meaningful activities during school vacations and weekends.

THIRD Quarter - January 8 - March 9

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Online Registration Opens December 12 at 8am

Program Coordinator: Jamie Rowan (520) 209-7910,

Early Release ---1:30-3:00pm

1/11, 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 3/1, 3/8

CRAZY CRITTERS ---Grades: K-5-- Fee $120
Get up close with, and learn all about exotic animals this quarter when Tucson Petting Zoo brings tortoises, goats, snakes, bugs, porcupines, and more. Take part in crafts and activities related to learning about these fascinating creatures!

BRAINSTEM -- Grades: K-2 ---Fee: $150
BrainSTEM brings the lab to you! After-school labs give students hands-on science experiences that relate to the world they live in. BrainSTEM is about critical thinking, problem solving, and learning by doing. Come explore the world of science!

PLAYWELL: JEDI ENGINEERING ---Grades: K-2 -- Fee: $130
The Force Awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedis! Explore engineering principles by designing and building projects such as X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away. Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!

PALATE 2 PALETTE ---Grades: 1-3 --- Fee: $150
Join Palate 2 Palette Tucson with their mobile painting programs. Follow the step by step instructions with their gifted artists. Each week you will create a new masterpiece to take home. No works of art are ever repeated!

AIRPLANE DESIGN ---Grades: 2-5 -- Fee: $63
We will begin to understand the forces of lift, drag, thrust and gravity while learning about the history of flight to come up with a high-flying design of our own! Challenge your friends to see whose plane will fly the farthest.

BASKETBALL ---Grades: 3-5 -- Fee: $100
Basketball is a great way to get exercise, learn teamwork, build confidence and have fun! Instructor, Jeremy Daniels, is a skill development trainer and coach for LEAD Athletics.

TGA FLAG FOOTBALL ---Grades: 3-5 --- Fee: $205
Kick it off with this modified version of America’s game that makes it fun and exciting to play with TGA! Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of passing, catching, running, and defending.

PAPER FOOTBALL FANTASY ---Grades:3-5 --- Fee:$63 --- Fee: $58
Combine your love of football and creativity with this class. Create a team name, a logo, design a stadium and challenge your classmates!

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After School

10/16-12/20 ---3:00-4:00pm *unless noted

YOYOS ---Mondays -- Grades: 2-5 - Fee: $93
Come learn hand eye coordination with Build a Skill Yoyo! Students will build their own yoyo, learn tricks and more. Instructor, Jess Gracia, has been teaching yoyo skills to large groups of students for over 15+ years. Students will be taking home two different yoyos in this class.

Mondays, 3:00-4:30 PM ------ Grades: 2-5 -- Fee: $165
Performance will be on March 6 at 6:00 pm.
Mr. Willy Wonka is the greatest chocolate maker the world has ever seen and he has invited 5 kids to come and tour his factory. With mischief, Oompa-Loompas, and heart-felt moments, this will surely be an adventure of a lifetime! Participating in this performance class guarantees at least one part in the play. The first day of rehearsal will be auditions, no preparation required. Come be part of the cast!

Tuesdays -- Grades: K-5 -- Fee: $167
With the perfect mix of instruction and creative freedom, each KidzArt class results in wonderfully unique art masterpieces where our KidzArtists’ inspiration brings works of art to life. All quality artist materials are provided.

Tuesdays, January 9 - May 15
-- Grades: K-5 -- Fee: $110
Open to all ability levels, no prior experience necessary. Students build strategy, play chess, and various chess games. Opportunities for optional weekend tournaments. Ken Larsen has been coaching chess teams for over 30 years, leading CFSD students to local, state and national tournaments.

Tuesdays, January 9 - May 15, 4:00-5:00pm---Grades: K-5 -- Fee: $110

For the chess player who is interested in building skills in tournament play. Practice and perfect your chess abilities with other competitive chess players. Taught by: Ken Larsen

Wednesdays ---Grades: 3-5 -- Fee: $90

First play some traditional and unique board games to acquire some inspiration to create your very own. Make up your own board game by creating the rules, all the pieces, and design the board to challenge your classmates.

Thursdays, January 9 - May 15 ---Fee: $110
Grades: K-2--4:00-5:00pm---Grades: 3-5--5:00-6:00pm
-- Grades: K-5 -- Fee: $110
Goshinjitsu is a practical self-defense art that combines elements of Karate, Judo and Jujitsu into a simple and effective form of martial arts. Classes emphasize traditional martial arts values and principles. Instructor, John McGraugh, has been teaching for Community Schools for many years and studied in Japan for five years.

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Special Programs


Field Trips are Grades K-5 --- 9:00am-4:00pm --- All trips depart from and return to Sunrise Drive Elementary --- Please pack a lunch and water bottle.

Ice Den - Thursday, February 22 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Let’s beat the heat with a Phoenix trip to an indoor ice skating rink! Please remember a jacket and a sack lunch. Gloves are also recommended for this trip. Fee: $65

Desert Museum - Friday, February 23 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Learn about the adaptations and characteristics of desert animals during a private class lesson, and take part in the new hands-on stingray experience! After our lesson, we will explore the rest of this unique outdoor museum. Bring a sack lunch, and water. Closed-toe shoes, and sunscreen suggested. Fee: $60

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