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Lego Robotics

What is FIRST Lego League

FIRST Lego League (FLL) introduces young people (grades 4-8), to the fun and excitement of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It is designed for students do the research and problem solving, which are integral parts of each element of STEM, to meet the yearly Challenge. Students identify a problem and develop an innovative solution.

There are three elements that make up the Challenge: 1. programming an autonomous robot (the Robot Game), 2. creating innovative solutions to a problem (the Project) 3. following the FLL Core Values where the children learn that helping one another and the spirit of friendly competition is the foundation of teamwork.

Each year’s Challenge is similar to real challenges faced by scientists and engineers, which leads to an understanding of the work of these professionals and an exposure to career options. The Project gives the teams the opportunity to more deeply explore the theme of the Challenge and propose a solution to a problem they select.

The teams present their projects for feedback from the judges, who often are experts in the Challenge field. FIRST Lego League imparts valuable life skills and excitement about how our students can make a difference in the world.

FIRST Lego League in CFSD

In Catalina Foothills School District, students who participate in FIRST Lego League (FLL) are afforded unique experiences involving a team approach to engineering, programming, problem solving, and research. FLL equips students with tools to be successful in a rapidly-evolving world. FLL presents students with real-world situations and challenges in which they develop their abilities to think critically, apply knowledge at high levels and use technology to access, evaluate and communicate information.
Led by Charlotte Ackerman, CFSD’s Teacher Leader for Science and Engineering, FLL team members work together over a 14-week session to address the current FLL mission and prepare for competition in December.

FIRST Lego League Lite
In the winter and spring months, students who have an interest in participating as an FLL team member in the following school year are encouraged to join FLL Lite. This enrichment experience gives students the opportunity to get a taste of FLL without making the commitment to the full 14-week program. They get to try the current school year’s FLL mission and build their skills for future competitions without actually stepping into the arena of competing.

FIRST Tech Challenge Team Photo

FIRST Tech Challenge - Robotics/Engineering for high school students

Our rookie Community Schools High School FIRST TECH CHALLENGE TEAM, Pioneer 327, was recognized with the THINK AWARD and were runner up for the CONTROL AWARD in the Queen Creek Qualifying tournament. They also came in 4th out of 22 teams from AZ and California and qualified for the
State Tournament in February.

2018-2019 Challenge


This year’s teams will design and program a LEGO Mindstorms robot to the accomplish tasks like mining an asteroid, building and supplying a space colony, and cleaning up space trash. They will also propose an innovative solution to a research question that will advance the human ability to live or work beyond Earth.

Congratulations! At the Arizona FIRST Lego League Championships at Arizona State University on January 19, the Intergalactic Sous Chefs(students from Orange Grove and Esperero) came in third place overall and won second place in the Robot Performance category.

The Manzanita Biofilm Busters Robotics Team was one of the youngest at State and out of 48 teams ended up with a top 10 robot score!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Teams for a successful Regional Tournament showing!

First Lego League Team Photo

Team 5154 Biofilm Busters (MZ) School
1st Place Research Project Award
Aiden Zhou MZ
Nathan Wu MZ
Isaak Martin MZ
Alex Lehrman MZ
Matthew Meislin MZ
Alexis Bates MZ
Eli Hanna MZ
Madison McCoy MZ
Jake Brandt MZ
Team 5151 Shooting Stars (SD)
Avery Jaramillo SD
Melvin Stubbs SD
Kristophe Kalwies SD
Jillian Hartshorne SD
Rachel Chen SD
Loki Martinez SD
Tyler Lue SD
Ryan Leu SD
TEAM 27725 Second Nature (SD)
Patrick Twomey SD
Olivia Luff SD
Basil Wood SD
William Liu SD
Edward Tsai SD
Elizabeth Esquer SD
Braedon Gracy SD
Team 5152 Rubber Tech (CV and VV)
Calvin Wright CV
Gavin Hoose CV
Tyler Lesniak CV
Naja Taraskiewicz CV
Kian McCandless VV
Silas Bramblett VV
Team 5153 Braingers (CV and VV)
Ethan Lin CV
Cody Raymond CV
Benjamin McNeil CV
Owen Cantor-Goldner VV
Ian Huber VV
Christian Pierson VV
Alex Lewnes VV
Team 5158 Transformers (OG and EC)
1st Place Judges Award
Diana Zarif OG
Bridgett Walters OG
Violette Donnelly OG
Casey Berk OG
Maija Hildebrand OG
Ingrid Benito OG
Lily Wood EC
Zoe Wung EC
Sonia Swaroop OG
Team 10906 Intergalactic Sous Shefs (OG and EC)
1st Place Champions Award
JD Donnelly OG
Cooper Kruk OG
Sam Moreno OG
Conner Bates OG
Luke Sadalla OG
Spencer Schiller EC
Braden Cantor Goldner EC
Bryan Zhang EC
Team 5155 Cosmic Club (OG and EC)
1st Place Robot Performance
Landon Chang OG
Rory McQuire OG
David Berk OG
Justin Byun OG
Josh Max EC
Connor Belakovshy EC
Reece Culliney OC
Kaiden Kiracofe OC
Team 5156 Gut Instinct (OG, EC, FH)
1st Place Core Values Award
Jerry Barela FH
Bhargav Ghosh FH
Zak Gruber OG
Josh Tint FH
Noah Wellman FH
Henry Bonomolo EC
Seth Rojas OG
Cyrus Zhang EC
Sa’id Badereen OG
Maxwell Palermo EC
Staff Coaches
Charlotte Ackerman
Kelly Taylor
Donna Fisher
Melvin Stubbs
Volunteer Coaches
Mark Haye
Eugene Vamos
CFHS High School Mentors
Nik Gruber
Michael Gross
Jeremy Wang
Sean Bergan
Parent Mentors
Gregg Cantor-Goldner
Sarah Esquer
Lukas Gruber
Michael Kruk
Aaron Bates


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