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Phone: 520-209-7551 | Fax: 520-209-7575
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm
CARE: 520-209-7549

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Main Office Staff

CARE Site Managers Elementary Middle, High School
Summer Foothills Phil Valley View ELC Outdoor Adventures


Travis Kolter, Director of Community Schools, 209-7551,

Debbie Ross, Community Schools Executive Secretary, 209-7550,

Jennifer Noyce, Community Schools Office Coordinator, 209-7562,

Tracy Pederson, Facility Rental Coordinator, 209-7552,

Christie Vargas, Director, Educational Extension Programs, Grades K-5 and Summer 209-7547,

Marieke Brevaire, Director of C.A.R.E., 209-7546,

Beverly Smith, C.A.R.E. Office Coordinator for Canyon View and Sunrise Drive, 209-7563,

Sherri Wirth, C.A.R.E. Office Coordinator for Ventana Vista and Manzanita, 209-7548,

C.A.R.E. Site Managers

Canyon View: Pam Kline, 209-7752

Manzanita: Ashley Glaser, 209-7814

Sunrise Drive: Sabrina Romero, 209-7944

Ventana Vista: Gretl Krooksmer, 209-8023


Christie Vargas, Director, Educational Extension Programs, Grades K-5, 209-7547,

Nick Bechard, Manzanita Program Coordinator, 209-7812,

Lucia Pavlich, Ventana Vista Program Coordinator, 209-8013,

Foster Bunce, Canyon View Program Coordinator, 237-0188,

Jessica McGlothlin Harris, Sunrise Drive Program Coordinator, 209-7910,

Middle/ High School

Mary Grodman, Director, Educational Extension Programs, Grades 6 - 12, 209-8313

Myranda Christensen, Orange Grove Program Coordinator,

Lee Tompkins, Orange Grove Athletic Director, 209-8262,

Jason Grobe, Esperero Program Coordinator, 209-8149,

Foster Bunce, Esperero Athletic Director, 237-0188,

Summer Program

Christie Vargas, 209-7547,
Mary Grodman, 209-8013,


Emma Brannon, 209-7910,

Foster Bunce,237-0188,

Jessica McGlothlin, 209-7812,

Lucia Pavlich, 209-8013,

You can reach Camp Foothills staff at (520) 209-8454.

Outdoor Adventures

Program Director: Mary Grodman , 209-8313,
AMGA Certified Rock Climbing Guide, IWLS Backpacking and Canyoneering Guide Certified,

The Foothills Phil

Louisa Muir, Coordinator, 209-7564,

Valley View Early Learning Center, 3435 E. Sunrise Dr.

Jennifer Dooley, Director, 209-7651,

Margie Brown, Secretary, 209-7650,

Amy Bock, Office Coordinator, 209-7656,


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