This is a text version of the following photo slideshow on this webpage.
Slide 1. CFSD Community Schools FIRST Lego League students with Coach Ackerman and Coach DiBenedetti.
Slide 2. Local Legends Unleashed team excited and holding up their trophy's won
Slide 3. Local Legends Unleashed in tuxes
Slide 4. A few of the Birdbrains at a competition table
Slide 5.A few more of the Birdbrains cheering on their teammate.
Slide 6. The Wraptors with their project
Slide 7. Local Legends Unleashed sitting and waiting
Slide 8. Varmint Vigalantes ate the compitition table
Slide 9. Local Legends Unleashed group photo
Slide 10. Student from Phido Phobia Phighters standing in front of presentation board
Slide 11. Phido Phobia Phighters standing in line waiting their turn
Slide 12. Varmint Vigilantes at their compitioin table
Slide 13. Nancy Hsiao and Charlotte Ackerman excited
Slide 14. Local Legends Unleashed student at copition table
Slide 15. The 4th BATtalion in line
Slide 16. Varmint Vigilantes at copitition table with judge
SLide 17. The 4th BATtalion with coach discussing strategy

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