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Cs Esperero Canyon Science Olympiad Team wins Arizona State Championship, they will compete in Nationals in May!

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Looking for after-school activities? Over one-half of Catalina Foothills School District middle school students participate in after-school enrichment activities and athletics offered through Community Schools. Students can choose to join a school team, improve athletic skills, make new friends while learning something new or explore the outdoors. No matter what the interest, Community Schools offers fun and well-supervised after-school activities at Esperero Canyon Middle School

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    Do you play an instrument? Want an excellent experience playing a variety of music from movie themes to popular classics? Come and join the Foothills Phil, Community School’s Intergenerational orchestra! We meet on Thursday evenings from 6:45 - 9:00 p.m. Contact Community Schools for further information at 209-7551 or email

    Extended Day -

    Registration for 4th quarter will open March 6, 8am. Click to Register You need to create an account (if you have not done so) in the new system before registering:

    FOURTH Quarter: January 8 - March 9

    No classes March 12 - 16 and April 4 -8.

    Classes are held 2:45 - 4:15pm

    Acting Academy - Thursdays ---Fee: $125
    Enthusiastic students who learn to speak out clearly and relate confidently with others will have an inside track to lifetime success. Drama Kids’ Acting Academy develops all tweens and teens. We’re a place where all adolescents, from the shy to the outgoing can develop at their own pace, with plenty of positive encouragement while learning acting skills. Our specialty is using a wide range of unique drama activities to focus the bold, outspoken tween or teen and to draw out the quiet or the inarticulate adolescent and help them reach into themselves to discover their full potential. Unlike typical drama programs, most of which focus on preparation for a single performance, our Acting Academy’s “secret sauce” is a fun, fast paced, and developmental curriculum consisting of ver 450 unique and detailed lesson plans that ensures happy and successful students. It’s drama without all the DRAMA!

    Art Enrichment with KidzArt - Mondays--Fee: $168
    Join us for a drawing-based art class that incorporates structured learning with personal instruction. Our instructor will guide students through a different project each day that includes explanation of artist terms and techniques related to the project and medium of the day. We focus on the creative process that encourages students to explore and grow. Our curriculum never repeats and no art experience is necessary!

    Badminton - Fridays ---Fee: $48-- Mr. Cai
    Did you know Badminton is a competitive sport? It is also a fun indoor racquet sport, which promotes physical and mental wellness. Participants will learn good sportsmanship and team work. Come learn the basics of badminton, including the rules of the game, as well as useful techniques and strategies to play successfully. The class will cover gripping technique, basic footwork, serving, and basic badminton shots, such as drive, defensive high clear, drop shots, smashing, etc. This training and practice will help students develop hand-eye coordination, muscle memory for the various moves, and decision-making skills critical to game success. It is recommended you bring a carbon fiber racket with you to class.

    Clay Club - Mondays & Wednesdays ---Fee: $112-- Ms. Burke
    2 DAYS!! Join us for a drawing-based art class that incorporates structured learning with personal instruction. The instructor will guide students through a different project each day that includes explanation of artist terms and techniques related to the project and medium of the day. We focus on the creative process that encourages students to explore and grow. Our curriculum never repeats and no art experience is necessary!

    Circuits and Physics --- Thursdays--Fee: $276 -- Maker's Next Gen Education Foundation Design everything from electrical circuits to a catapult to an RC car or a bubble blower! Learn to differentiate components in an electrical circuit and the difference between a vector and scalar and how to work a simple pulley system. Come discover the how technology and physics mix!

    Freestyle Wrestling --- Tuesdays and Thursdays--Fee: $96 -- Maker's Next Gen Education Join us at ECMS for freestyle wrestling, a different style of wrestling than is normally taught during the season! This class will give students an opportunity to try out wrestling, without fully committing to the sport. It will also allow veteran wrestlers to continue to improve their skills for future wrestling seasons. This camp will mostly focus on having fun and learning without the stress of competition. If the wrestlers would like to compete there are optional weekend tournaments!

    Money Management for Middle School ---Tuesdays---Fee: $78
    Karen Pennock - Ramsey Certified Financial Coach ---

    Students will learn the importance of saving and budgeting and the difference between a debit card and a credit card. They will understand the importance of their choices for college and career and how debt can dramatically impact their financial future. The students will be taught the difference between a checking account, savings account and an investment account and how they all play a role in their future financial success and wealth building. We will cover how to avoid identity theft and much much more. Ms. Pennock is a Certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

    KIDSTAGE - MULAN ---Mondays---Fee: $165 ---
    In China there is a legend of a great soldier who saved the emperor and who saved all of China from the monstrous Hun army. This soldier was a girl named Mulan. She was never very good at her traditional “girl” responsibilities, and no matter what she tried she always ended up dishonoring her family. Until one day the army came for her aging father and Mulan took his place, breaking the law and pretending to be a boy so she could serve instead of him to protect his life. With the help of a lucky cricket, a wise-cracking dragon and a rag tag group of soldiers, Mulan defies tradition, brings honor to her family and becomes the hero of China! Join us to gain self-confidence speaking and performing on a stage, learn about theater, stage direction, and characterization.

    Improv - Comedy ---Wednesdays---Fee: $48 ---Ms. Witchey
    Comedy will teach you to think on your feet, use the principles of comedy in a spontaneous way, and communicate more clearly. Laugh and have fun while practicing a variety of practical people skills.

    Trading Card Games ---Wednesdays ---Fee: $48 ---Ms. Givens
    Are you a trading card enthusiast? Do you have a collection of Yugioh, Pokemon or Magic the Gathering cards? Do you want to test your skills with other players, but can't find the time? Every Wednesday students who sign up will gather to play whichever trading card game they know and for which they have cards. It doesn't matter if you are an expert, come and learn from others who are more experienced. Students need to provide their own cards with which to play. Feel free to come with a starter pack and build from there!

    Steel Drums Beginning at Canyon View 4:15 - 5:15pm - Thursdays ---Fee: $48---Ms. Moore
    This group is open to any Esperero Canyon Middle School students with little or no experience playing steel drums. Students will learn to read and perform music for the steel drums and the culture surrounding steel drum music. Students will be expected to regularly attend rehearsals, scheduled performances and help move equipment when necessary. Student's fees cover a t-shirt, mallets, music and music binder.

    Steel Drums Advanced at Canyon View 8:00-9:00am - Wednesdays-- Fee: $49
    This group is open to Esperero Canyon Middle School students with at least one year of experience playing steel drums. Students will need to be approved by the director of the group before they will be accepted. Students will continue to enhance their performing skills on the steel drums and learn about the culture surrounding steel drum music. Students will be expected to regularly attend rehearsals, scheduled performances and help move equipment when necessary. Student's fees cover a t-shirt, mallets, music and music binder. Ms. Moore- Canyon View Elementary-
    Email for approval.

    Golf Lessons
    Join us on the tee this spring for golf lessons! Community Schools is pleased to partner with Skyline Country Club & their Pro Golfers to see how fun golf can be! Get instruction in full swing, chipping, putting, rules and etiquette.
    Tuesday and/or Thursday --Fee: $114 per day per quarter-- Time: 3:00-4:00pm
    Location: Skyline Country Club
    5200 E St Andrews Dr, Tucson, AZ 85718
    *Transportation will not be provided*

    Jazz Band - Tuesdays-- Fee: $48 each quarter
    The ECMS Jazz Band is open to all 7th and 8th grade students currently enrolled in the ECMS Band Program, and in good standing with the director. Students in the Jazz Band must play one of the following instruments in jazz band - Piano, Electric Bass, Drum Set, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Baritone). Any student playing these instruments will have the opportunity to learn and rehearse with the band. Performance opportunities may be based upon auditions depending on number of students enrolled, in order to ensure balances of instrumentation. Jazz private lessons are highly recommended for students especially for piano, bass and drum set. Students should plan on participating for the entire school year. Mr. Walavich

    Work on homework assignments or independent reading in a quiet setting. Textbooks and computers available for homework only. Please select the days you want when you register, for Wednesdays, specify am and/or pm. No activity bus on Friday.
    1 day per week-$49
    2 days per week-$ 69
    3 days per week-$ 89
    4 days per week-$ 109
    5 days per week-$19

    Morning Study Hall--- 7:00-9:00am --Wednesdays ---Ms. Jackson and Ms. York
    Join us before school to catch up on homework assignments or read a good book in a quiet setting.
    Fee: $49

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    Activity Bus Schedule

    Athletic Packets must be completed for ALL students participating in sports. These packets MUST be turned in before you can participate in practices.
Grades are checked throughout the quarter. If an athelete is below a 2 during the quarter, they will be deemed ineligible to play or practice until their grade is a 2 or higher. A formal grade check will be made at progress report time (4 1/2 weeks).

    ECMS Athletic Packet

    Game Schedule

    Pictures can be ordered from:

    Teams are filled on a first-come, first served basis, often fill quickly & are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

    Registration: March 6

    Boys Baseball - Monday - Thursday
    Come out and play ball! 7th and 8th grade boys will practice catching, throwing, and batting skills. Teamwork and participation will be emphasized. Competition will take place against other schools in the Northwest League. Coach Mathews -- Fee: $169

    Girls Volleyball - Monday - Thursday
    Come with your Eagle Pride and join the ECMS’s Girls’ Volleyball team. Emphasis will be on sportsmanship, team and individual skills, strategies, and participation. 7th and 8th grade girls will compete against other schools in the Northwest League. Coaches: Aguirre and Clifford-- Fee: $159

    Track and Field - Monday - Thursday
    Do you enjoy running, field events and sprinting? All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are invited to join the Esperero Track team. Students will learn and practice the different events in track and field, ranging from long distance running to high jump. Students will compete against other schools in the Northwest League.----Coaches: Neuenschwander, Rathbun, Amsted, Mikinski, Catterson -
    Fee: $159

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    Special Programs

    Freestyle Wrestling Camp

    at Catalina Foothills High School Wrestling Room
    Coach Davis--- Tuesday and Thursday --3:45-5:5pm--- Grades: K-12 --- Fee: $150

    Folkstyle wrestling is coming to an end, and Freestyle season has begun! Join Coach Davis as we learn the rules, basics, and fundamentals of Freestyle wrestling. Individual Freestyle tournaments are held at different high schools almost every weekend during the 4th quarter. This program, will help prepare our wrestlers, if they decide to participate in any of these individual tournaments. Wrestling Freestyle is very beneficial for the athletes that wrestle in Middle School and High School.


    Depart from and return to Catalina Foothills HS

    March 15 - Patagonia Lake Fun and Fishing ---11am - 6pm--- Fee: $65
    Journey with CS Outdoors to this hidden treasure in the rolling hills of SE Arizona to find whitetail deer and great blue herons walking the shoreline! Anglers come catch some bass, bluegill, catfish or trout then hike around the lake to see vermillion flycatchers, vultures and hummingbirds! Fishing pole and binoculars provided!

    March 16 - Babysitting Basics ---11:30am - 3:30pm--- Fee: $60

    Join your friends and a qualified instructor from American Emergency Response Training for informative lessons for children who are beginning to stay home alone or take on babysitting jobs. We will cover important topics like CPR for the infant and child, how to handle a child who is choking and basic first aid. Learn techniques and the importance of staying calm in difficult situations and what to do in case of an emergency. Learn how to take care of your younger siblings when home alone, or just to help Mom and Dad. How do you change a diaper? What do you do when someone is at the door and you're home alone? What are the important things to know about water safety? Gain the confidence you need as you gain more independence at home.

    Adventures in Red Rock Country
    Grades: 4 - 8---April 2-4---Fee: $195

    Discover natural wonders as we hike, camp and explore Coconino National Forest! Students will enjoy hiking along the amazing calcium laden waters of Fossil Creek discovering its unique ecosystem. Spend a day in the most beautiful place on earth - Sedona! On our way home stop at the park that has been in the making for 1000 years, Tonto Natural Bridge, the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. Enjoy 3 days filled with fun, adventure and many opportunities to learn new skills, work as a team and make new friends! A detailed trip itinerary & equipment list will be provided prior to departure. Trip size limited to 10 students. Meet at the CFHS Community Schools Office. Guides: Mary Grodman & Polly Tanner

    Community Schools' Policies

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    ONLINE ONLY REGISTRATION - We are accepting registrations online only. Please make sure you log into our system and create an account before registration day! No paper copies will be accepted. Registrations cannot be taken over the phone..

    ATTENTION: Attendance is taken for all Extended Day Activities & absences must be phoned in by parents to the school office by 2:00 p.m. the day of the class. If the students are not in class by 3:30pm an email will go out to parents.

    CELL PHONES and Other Communication Devices: Community Schools adheres to the same cell phone/communication device policy in effect during school hours. Students must follow and abide by the technology user agreement and discipline code. For a detailed description of the exact policy, please refer to your student planner.

    LATE FEE: A $15 late fee will be applied after the registration deadline. A $2 per minute supervision fee will be charged for those who remain on campus after 4:30.

    Class cancelled by Community Schools (No fees charged, 100% refund). Refund or cancellation requested before the start of class ($10 change fee for any class changes or cancellations).
    50% Refund after the first class. No refunds will be given after the 2nd day of class. No refunds if we remove your student from a class.

    Assistance is available to families that may need help paying for class fees. Please contact Jason Grobe or the Community Schools main office at 209-7551 to obtain a fee reduction form.

    WAIT LIST POLICY: If a class you wanted to register for is FULL, please make sure you add the class to your cart by choosing the waitlist button to ensure you are contacted if a spot becomes available.

    Need Help? Contact Site Coordinators, Jason Grobe at 209-8149 for classes or Bill Dennis at 209-8128 for athletics. Between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m., you may call Community Schools at 209-7551.

    **If your student walks home from school on a regular basis and would like to do so after Extended Day Activities, please print and sign this attached document giving your student permission to walk home and turn in to Jason Grobe. We will keep it on file for the school year. If we do not have a this statement on file we will not allow students to walk home after Extended Day Activities.

    NOTE: Fees paid for an extra-curricular activity qualify for a tax credit with the State of Arizona. Please call 209-7551 to obtain a tax credit receipt.


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