This is a text version of the following photo slideshow on this webpage.

Slide 1. Orange students jumping in the air
Slide 2. Students sculpting clay
Slide 3. Students playing basketball in after-school class.
Slide 4. Students holding a firehose and putting out a pretend house fire.
Slide 5. Three students smiling with their hula hoops.
Slide 6. Group of students with their summer art class instructor.
Slide 7. Group of students holding the rockets they made in Camp Foothills Rocketry class.
Slide 8. Students holding the bears they made during field trip to Stuffington Bear Factory.
Slide 9. Students holding the pumpkins they picked while at Marana Pumpkin Patch.
Slide 10. Esperero Running Club on rocks in Sabino Canyon
Slide 11. Esperero Boys Soccer team competeing.
Slide 12. Esperero Canyon Running Club running in Sabino Canyon on a very cloudy day.

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